Sunday, May 29, 2011

how to cook eggplants OTHER than the way you always do them

hullo there, kitchenettes,

what's baking?

i was recently feeling frustrated about cooking eggplants, as i inevitably ended up just doing the same thing as always: baking them with shit tons of olive oil. however, my friend passed on the following strategy and it is, as steph would say, delish.

fun fact: more than 4 million acres (2,043,788 hectares) are devoted to the cultivation of eggplant in the world. mostly in china.

without further ado:

i just made eggplant following faith's instructions, and it is SO GOOD. you just put a whole eggplant on a baking sheet in the oven on HIGH, with a flame coming from above. Keep it in for about 1/2 hour or 45 minutes, turning every once in a while when one side gets black. By the end the flesh is soft and the skin is completely burnt. Scoop out the flesh into a strainer and let it sit for 15 minutes (to drain). Then mix with about 1 t. red wine vinegar per eggplant, plus rock salt and pepper, and then eat it! SO DELICIOUS. alternately you could mix it with tahini, lemon and garlic.

prof. tata (with thanks to sophie!)