Monday, February 13, 2012

An ode to Sal

Hi! I'm Jules. I'm in Mexico. Have I told you? Mexico. Mexico Mexico Mexico.

And now I will use this space to declare my love for my new amour: Sal con Chile y Limón, (heretofore referred to as "ScCyL"). It is salty and spicy and limey. Here's the thing about it: it makes everything taste fucking awesome.

Go to a cantina and you'll get orange slices sprinkled with ScCyL.
Go to a beach and you'll get mangos on a stick covered in ScCyL.
I have not found a place to buy it in bulk yet but believe me I'm trying.

In conclusion my ode to Sal:
Hot goddamn things taste awesome
Bag-of-chips awesome and then some
ScCyL I name you magic spice:
You are the sazón that gives me a razón to live.

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