Thursday, September 10, 2015

Mushroom risotto

I had the most amazing mushroom risotto recently, which immediately went home and copied. It went something like:

regular mushrooms, cut into bite-size but chunky pieces
fresh shitakes, take off the hard part of the stem and cut to same size
fry with butter until yummy

in a separate pan...
fry onion in butter
add arborio
add white wine
then add chicken stock one ladle at a time, waiting until, as tamar adler describes, when you push the rice aside, liquid does not immediate fill the hole
at some point add finely chopped woodier herbs like rosemary
then later add finer herbs like thyme
when it's done, add parm and a squeeze of lemon, and salt and pepper to taste

THEN! make this amazing thing called gremolata by chopping together on a cutting board a clove of garlic, some lemon peel, and parsley. spinkle over each individual serving.

I love you all!
xox Squarechess

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