Friday, June 4, 2010

pacific northwest: musings

Here are the top ten reasons why we should all move to Portland:

1. The farmer's market is the best I've ever seen. I nearly died.
2. The world's largest independent bookstore. It's real and it's amazing.
3. Washington Park has over 15 miles of trails in one of the biggest urban green spaces in North America.
4. Food carts. Portland has over 450. Enough said.
5. Drivers are courteous towards cyclists and pedestrians. no need to cheat death all the time!
6. a mere one hour drive to Cannon Beach.
7. Pine state biscuits. In retrospect actually, this maybe should have been listed as number 1.
8. everything is more magical there.
9. people of portland love burritos and food in large bowls. i do too.
10. the willamette river, bike lanes across the bridge, pizza made with squash sauce...... GLORY AWAITS!

i haven't posted any recipes in awhile but spring is upon us out west. look out for upcoming portland-inspired recipes:
- pickled beets with pomegranate and chai spice
- my homemade granola
- rhubarb jam

well, what are you waiting for??!

dreaming of portland,


1 comment:

cara hunt said...

i lived in portland last summer - was on an exchange at the center for animal law studies at lewis and clark law school. went to canon beach for a study break weekend. lovely. portland is magnificent. missing from your musings (but probably cause you're not vegan?) is the vegan vareties in portland: vegan restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, etc - vegan donuts for god's sake! i LOVE portland. the ONLY reason i don't move there is the rain & gray skies.