Friday, April 4, 2008

if only Popeye had known, he might still be with us.

pasta with spinach and cheese.

made this last night with stuff that was going to go bad in the fridge. great experiment, and easy as can be. perfect for a quick meal. sneaky beeks will second its deliciousness. also, it is packed with spinach which is awesome for building guns, which is my ultimate goal now and forever.

word to the wise: you may not feel energized like Popeye does in that cartoons. d'uh. cartoons aren't real life. oh man, more like "word to the dinkus."

anyways, here are the basic instructions, but creativity points will be awarded for branching out. especially with candy.

-put your pasta on to boil (whole wheat tasted pretty alright in this recipe so, why not?)
-while it is cooking, brown some garlic in a bit of oil in a frying pan
-add a package of spinach and a stock of some sort (veggie or chicken depending on your preference) and cover until the spinach is wilted
-when your pasta is finished cooking, add a cup of stock and your spinach/garlic mixture
-add cheese. be creative. i used feta and parm, but cottage cheese, goat cheese, etc. i think would all be delicious
-stir over medium heat until the cheese just starts to melt


sneaky beeks said...

this is quick, dirty, and delicious. i would like to eat at least 8 bowls.

mco said...

this is delicious.
my only advice is to grate some cheese on at the end for a delicious combination of melted and melting.