Thursday, April 10, 2008

the inaugural run of nutter butters, inc.

dear friends,

here is, get this, an ORIGINAL recipe that has come from my blossoming new passion for nut butters. i call this one mystery butter #1: what i did instead of kicking someone in the shins (a la waitress movie).

get a whole bunch (ie. maybe a cup) of raw peanuts, half a cup of raw shelled pistachios, and about 6 squares of dark chocolate (55% or higher, HOLLA), and raw honey (or whatever you got). preheat the oven to 300, roast the nuts until slightly browned and fragrant, about 6 minutes. then, in a food processor, combine all ingredients and honey to test, blend blend BLEND until smooth and delicious (this should take about 10 minutes or so).

put it in your favourite small jar, and if you're not going to eat it imminently, store it in the fridge for a couple of weeks.

happy buttering!


Anonymous said...

sneeks! this sounds delicious and revolutionary but what do you do with this butter? spread it on things? like a jam? can you combine it WITH jam? oh my god my head is exploding.

sneaky beeks said...

dear unicornrockk,

the thing about nutter butters is... you could do ANYTHING with them. i particularly like it spread on things topped with a little bit of honey in lieu of jam. it is also delicious with apples as a little snack, or with bananas.

MoneyTeph said...

nice homage in terms of the titling. might i humbly suggest that mystery nutter butter #2 be called "what i did instead of launching a lime at some undeserving man's head"?

Francesca said...

BEEKS! Don't you realize what you've done?! It's a gourmet -tron!

sneaky beeks said...

oh my goodness, froons... you are absolutely correct. as someone in our highschool art department would have said, "what a happy accident!"