Friday, April 4, 2008

Lesson #1: broccoli

So as not to mislead our readers, I would like to give the advice on avoiding broccoli incineration.

If you're going out to get trashed, do not steam broccoli just because it is the last perishable item left in your fridge prior to winter break. No one likes healthy party snacks! And if they do, it's called crudite, not cold soggy vegetables. That said, if you decide to ignore this advice, and start cooking up the broccoli anyway, don't leave the apartment just because the power goes out. In this province, everything is electric INCLUDING MOST STOVES, so unless you turn it off, the stove will go on again as soon as the dude at Hydro Quebec wakes up. But if you forget to turn off the stove, and you, say, go watch the Chronicles of Narnia in theatres, don't be surprised if you come back 7 hours later and your apartment has burned down. It probably won't, but you will think it has and this will give you a heart attack so you will die. Luckily this will save you having to endure 4 weeks of revolting all-permeating smell of incineration and from having to buy a new pot.

To your living roommate, I can only recommend those odor-absorbent sponge things that come in tupperware.

Just another helpful tip from the ladies of the spatula!

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