Friday, April 4, 2008

Peeeee Kale soup

Very Important Note on STOCK pre-recipe:

Stock is infuriatingly underrated slash overlooked. A good stock goes a long way. I made this soup twice; the first time with plain ol' h2O and the second time with stock that I had made and obvi the second soup was far superior. This is probably obvious but to make a good stock all you have to do is:
1) Save the parts of your vegetables that you don't eat in the freezer
2) When you've got a good pot-full, stick em' in some water and boil the shit out of them

A ton of the wonderful nutrients are extracted plus the flavor is amaze. Some vegetables that I find have particular stock potential are leek leaves, broccoli and asparagus stems, rutabaga and butternut squash skins.

La Recette

1) Fry up approx. 2 onions and 5 cloves of garlic in a pot-- until the onions are quite tanned.
2) Add a bunch of peas, maybe something like 2 cups.
3) Pour in water or stock after a couple of minutes... I usually add about 2 cups but my soup tends to be quite thick so I guess add more if you don't dig that shit.
4) Simmer for roughly 20 minutes.
5) Take a good bundle of kale leaves and lay them on top to steam.
6) Put through the blender or food processor.
7) Taste it to see if it needs salt and pepper. When I used the wickedly powerful stock, 'twas not necessary!

Love and peas,


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