Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Lentils, Apples, Cumin, Salad

After getting an extension on my Gulag paper, I was feeling invigorated, and thought that with a little more protein, I could go from good to great. Also good, lentils are a great lunch to bring to the library. So, I made this recipe off of chocolate&zuchinni.

All was going well, I even got creative and sauteed the tofu with the dressing which she doesn't recommend but really brings it all together. Then, disaster struck.

I went to taste the fruits (or legumes) of my labour, and it tasted like black licorice. Confused, I added more balsamic vinegar. Still nothing. Like Sherlock Holmes, I began to put the pieces together. I won't go through the clues and red herrings, but the verdict was that I had confused cumin seeds with fennel seeds. DISASTER.

The moral? During exams/paper season, be sure to read all of your labels carefully and not get cocky and think that you can tell your spices by sight. Cumin and fennel mix-ups are bad, but paprika and cinnamon would be way worse. STAY SAFE, and read the label.

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