Wednesday, April 2, 2008

KRAFT DINNER, pro-styles

in deference to lady s' reply to prof tata's link, i will include the kd recipe so that you guys don't need to go looking to the box. however, to make the KD extra good, you will most likely need the box, and contents.

step 1: purchase KD. at bonanza can be attained for the low low price of 99 cents.

step 2: fill pot with water. turn on heat. bring to a boil. at that point, add salt (doing so before it reaches a boil will slow the process down, kinda contradicts the whole point of kd).
step 3: open box. remove cheese package (for the uninitated, it looks like an envelope, and feels squishy). after removing cheese package and setting aside, dump contents (macaroni) into pot. stir occasionally, tasting regularly, and remove when it reaches al dente. or after, if you are lame.
step 4: drain pasta

step 5: put pasta back into original pot, on the element, but at a low temperature. taking advantage of the heat, melt butter (a tablespoon? tsp? take control! this is your life!) into the pasta, open the metallic envelope and spill the powder into the buttered pasta. lastly, slowly, pour in a little milk. little by little. you don't want to put in too much, or else you may have to live with regrets for a long long time. luckily, because this last step is occuring on a heated element, excess milk will be evaporate more rapidly than if you had it on an unheated element.

step 6: serve immediately. garnish with salt and/or pepper. possibly ketchup, but i've never been into that sugary addition to what is essentially a savoury dish.

step 7: put away leftovers. you may find a handy snack in your fridge the next morning! (although, leftovers are unusual, so i wouldn't count on it)


Francesca said...

Add a can of tuna, tomatoes and lots of pepper for instant tuna casserole.

Note: people will think you are gross.

ladies of the spatula. said...

but you won't care because nobody is gross in heaven. booya.


ladies of the spatula. said...

i would like to move to ban tuna from the blog. with time, the world.

mco said...

you might find this 1992 NYT article highly topical.

i figure that if we cite them often enough, they're bound to cite us eventually.

Prof. Tata said...

but you guys always make fun of me for following directions when making kd/pasta!