Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spelt honey cookies

This is a sweet idea! It'll be such a great way to keep in touch next year. It's like a high-tech and less magical but infinitely more enjoyable and useful version of those jeans in Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. Because really- who needs pants?

Here is the recipe for those spelt honey cookies I brought to the lebanese feast at St. Joseph a few weeks ago, prompting both Helen and Elise to break their sugar-fasts.


ladies of the spatula. said...

dear francesca,

speedy response! while we know this is you (and only 6 people can write on this blog), for posterity's sake let's all sign our posts! just so, you know, we know, you know, we all know, right?

mco and beeks
(we have been together for the past 18 hours, maybe longer, which is why all of our posts have been in tandem. and we have been ordering the same things at restaurants. also, we slept over and i am wearing the same clothes, and it seems as if i am living my life ina constant walk of shame.) neat right?

love beeks

ladies of the spatula. said...

I made this recipe today. DELICIOUS. However, readers be warned. If you don't double the recipe, you might be dissapointed by the smallquantity of cookies.

Double or nothing!
With love,